Roger Sharp









Irish Gold

Brit surfer Oli Adams getting a dawn barrel in Ireland.

Andy Irons

The late, great Andy Irons in France.

Morning Gold

Thurso dawn on Scotland's north coast. Micah Lester in the barrel.

The G-Spot

The wave known as the G-Spot in Ireland. Ian Battrick paddling in.


UK surfer Dan Joel loving life in Mexico

Porthleven Morn

England's best surf break: Porthleven. A rare and fickle beast.

Dawn Run

Brit surfer Oli Adams in an Irish light show...

Nica Stu

UK surfer Stuart Campbell deep in Nicaragua


Duckdiving in the Maldives...

Lakeys Air

Reubyn Ash, Lakey Peak, Indonesia

Indo Glass

Alan Stokes, deep in Indonesia...

Arctic Air

UK surfer Joss Ash getting loose in the Lofoten Islands inside the Arctic Circle.

Cornish Tropic

Cornwall is a magical place for surfing when it all comes together.

Bank Vaults

Ian Battrick deep in Bank Vaults in the Mentawai islands off Indonesia.

Half In Half Out

Gabe Davies in Ireland

Irish Blue

Irish surfer Fergal Smith in Donegal Bay.

Cornish Gold


UK surfer Alan Stokes in Costa Rica

Air Hawaii

Hawaiian surfer Jesse Merle Jones.

B&W Bundy

Bundoran Peak in Donegal Bay...

Indo Speed

British surfer Reubyn Ash in Indonesia


Castle air

Last Wave

Ian Battrick and a last wave before dark in Ireland

Maldive B&W

Robyn Davies bottom turning in the Maldives

Blue Cave

Ian Battrick deep in Hossegor, France.
Shot with a Canon T90 manual focus film camera and home made water housing.

Barbados Gold

Last light at Soup Bowl on the east coast of Barbados

Sunset Air

UK surfer Alan Stokes in the Mentawai islands off Indonesia.

Lakeys Lipslide

UK surfer Joss Ash at Lakey Peak, Indonesia.

Back Dorian

Shane Dorian at Backdoor in Hawaii.

Irish Dawn

The best way to meet the sunrise in Co Donegal, Ireland.

Indo Air

A young Reubyn Ash in Indo.

West Oz

Alan Stokes in Western Australia.


Freddy P off the bottom at Pipeline, North Shore, Hawaii.

The Search

Hunting for perfect surf in the remote islands of the British Isles...

Longships Lighthouse

Longships lighthouse off Land's End in Cornwall. It's 35 metres high!

Nicaragua Dawn

First light on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua

Irish Lines

Long Atlantic swell lines in Bundoran Bay, Co Donegal, Ireland

No 10

No 10s. A brutal wave in Scotland.

Waimea Shorebreak

The famous Waimea shorey.

Sennen Cove v Hercules

Sennen Cove in Cornwall, UK copping a pasting from the swell from the storm christened 'Hercules' by the media.

Irish Glass

Donegal Bay

Kernow Gold

Secret Kernow corner

Inside Out

Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

British Beauty

Sometimes the surf can get VERY good in Britain...

Thurso Dawn

5:00 a.m. on the north coast of Scotland.

Empty France



eBay in Indonesia


Longships lighthouse off Land's End in Cornwall, UK.

Granite Wave

Deep in west Cornwall...


Corduroy lines...

Dunnet Head

Helicopter fisheye shot of Dunnet Head, mainland Britain's most northerly point.

Wall•E Loves Coffee

Don't we all...

Old & New

Clash of style on the Vegas strip


Outer island awesome in the Tuamotos

Tube Time

The London Underground


The Lake District in England is spectacular at any time of year.

Norway Exploration

Searching for waves inside the Arctic Circle.

Surf Check

Quick surf check in Scotland

At Anchor

Boats in the British islands

Ferry Window

Ferry moment


Scottish sheeps

Cold Thirds

Island travel

Storm Light

Orkney light

Vegas Motel

Old school


Sri Lankan beasty

Kettles On

Brew on

No Parking